Forest School Eggstravaganza!

IMG_3457[1]IMG_3518[1]IMG_3454[1]IMG_3459[1]IMG_3461[1]IMG_3468[1]IMG_3475[1]IMG_3485[1]IMG_3505[1]IMG_3516[1]Today we used our phonic knowledge to blend words and hunt for Easter eggs!

Once we had found them, we were able to sort and count the eggs.



P is for puppet!

IMG_3076[1]IMG_3101[1]IMG_3093[1]We were very lucky to have a puppet theatre performance from Sea Legs! The children were inspired by the magical storytelling of The Ugly Duckling.

This enriching experience has enabled our children to consider differences and tolerance towards others.

“If I was in the story I would not call him ugly!”

“When I watched the show I was sitting by Janice and we giggled when the puppets came out!”

“Some birds out in the air!”

“The animals said oh he looks weird!”

“The duckling is sad because nobody likes him!”





Our First Nativity!

School is opening at 10am today.

Children can wear their Christmas jumpers!

We are going to offer an afternoon performance at 2:00pm this afternoon (Wednesday 13th December) and a morning performance at 10:00am on Thursday 14th December. If you previously had tickets these will be valid for the new times.

We hope you can make it.



Mysterious doors!

Mysterious doors have appeared overnight in the foundation stage! The children are very curious about them and have many different theories about what could be inside.

“It’s not a mouse! They live in holes!”

“Tiny! A bird.”

“Maybe they followed us back from forest school.”

“Shhhh! Something’s sleeping inside.”

“Fairies! They go in the morning!”