Science Afternoon in Reception

We had a fantastic time finding out about floating and sinking, how a balloon can expand without blowing into it, finding out about the life cycle of a chick, exploring how bubbles can be created and discovering which materials are magnetic. Thank you to all the parents/carers who were able to join in the fun – if you weren’t able to join us, but would like to see more photos, please ask.


The Vets

The children have been using their imaginations to take on various roles during Open Door sessions.

They are expressing themselves using language which is technical and creative. One pet dog had injured his paw while chasing after a ball!

The vets had to write and mark-make notes about the treatment given to the animals.IMG_6293[1]IMG_6392[1]IMG_6299[1]IMG_6388[1]IMG_6290[1]