Our First Nativity!

School is opening at 10am today.

Children can wear their Christmas jumpers!

We are going to offer an afternoon performance at 2:00pm this afternoon (Wednesday 13th December) and a morning performance at 10:00am on Thursday 14th December. If you previously had tickets these will be valid for the new times.

We hope you can make it.



Mysterious doors!

Mysterious doors have appeared overnight in the foundation stage! The children are very curious about them and have many different theories about what could be inside.

“It’s not a mouse! They live in holes!”

“Tiny! A bird.”

“Maybe they followed us back from forest school.”

“Shhhh! Something’s sleeping inside.”

“Fairies! They go in the morning!”



Our eye-popping pot!

As part of our poppy project the children in foundation stage have designed and created a memorial pot.

As the children embellished the pot with glass beads they reflected on their ideas about poppies.

“Red is the colour of love . . . because we love the soldiers.”

“It important! People have to wear poppies ’cause people died.”

“They protect us.”

We discussed how poppies make us feel both happy and sad and that the poppy is a symbol of pride.



Exploring stories with our parents in nursery

Everyone had a fantastic time in nursery today. The children applied their knowledge of Hansel and Gretel to their play.

Here are some of the comments our parents made:

“My child is doing so well. She is enjoying nursery and looks forward to coming every day. I like the variety of play as it has improved her learning and vocabulary so much.”

“Stories in nursery are a great resource for helping children to learn about language. Today was lovely.”

“We made puppets and it was brilliant watching my child interact with the other children.”