A is for alive!

We have been looking for minibeasts at forest school.

The children used magnifying glasses, paintbrushes and trays to carefully look at a range of living things.

They talked about what they noticed and were especially fascinated by the way the insects moved!

“Wiggly, squiggly worm!”

“His shell is hard. Goes round and round.”

“Got nothing in! This snail must have gone to another shell.”

“What’s this one again? He moving fast! Look! Down my arm!”

“This one a baby one.”

“Yuck! It’s so slimey! Wet!”






Taking pride in our environment.

The children have been planting in nursery and reception in order to enhance their learning environment and develop a sense of belonging to our setting.

The children used their physical skills to fill the pots with soil. The children used the gardening tools safely. We discussed the parts of the plants we could see and how to care for them.

We have discussed how we will continue to look after the plants in the future too. We are all feeling very green-fingered!


It’s raining, it’s pouring!

We experienced the wet weather this week at forest school! The children were able to splash and splosh in puddles safely, wearing their waterproof clothing. Our parents were really supportive and recognised the importance of their children having such memorable and sensory experiences. Here is some of the language that was evoked in the children’s forest school diaries . . .

“I jumped up and down in the muddles!” (puddles).

“It was very rainy.”

“Muddy! Going on my shoes. My wellie boots.”

“Fun! And we go back in.”

“Soggy! I poured water out of my boot!”

“Pshhhhhhhhh!!!! That’s what they do when I run in them!”